Conheça os premiados do 11º For Rainbow

Meet the winners of the 11th For Rainbow

Meet the winners of the 11th For Rainbow:

Critics Award (Association of Film Critics of Ceará - Acecine)
1. Short film: The Puzzle of Sara, by Allan Ribeiro
2. Feature Film: Music for When the Lights Go Out, by Ismael Caneppele

Elke Maravilha Trophy:
1. Best fiction mid and full length film category: Guigo Offline
2. Best feature length documentary: Lampião de Esquina
3. Best national short film: General's Tea
4. Best international short film: Home
5. Best Direction: Guigo Offline
6. Best Screenplay: General's Tea
7. Best Art Direction: General's Tea
8. Best picture: Music for when the lights go out
9. Best Edition: Lampião da Esquina
10. Best Original Score: Home
11. Best Sound Design: Wicked Girls
12. Best Actress: "Sarah", No one's ever anything
13. Best Actor: Chico Oliveira - Happy Time Passed

Aceccine was responsible for the election of the best brazilian short film and the best brazilian short film of the competitive show.
The jury was composed by associates Daniel Araújo, Gabriel Amora and Hamlet Oliveira. Here's the justification of the judges for the choices of the winning works:

CRITICAL AWARD Best Brazilian Feature Film:

"For being a work that risks and takes on the contradiction as a narrative motivator in the presentation of characters that are not yet defined, the prize of the critique of best Brazilian feature goes to MUSIC FOR WHEN THE LIGHTS TURN OFF, by Ismael Caneppele".

Best Brazilian Short Film:

"For giving up a classic narrative to address issues such as class struggles, prejudice and racism, the award for best Brazilian short film criticism goes to Allan Ribeiro's  SARA´S PUZZLE".

We would like to congratulate For Rainbow's production, which remains firm as an urgent space for discussion about culture and sexual diversity. It is always great to participate in the festival!